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Release Notes


  • Support for using fragment shaders (see some early docs).
    • Render a fragment shader to a texture (image) via renderShader
    • Render a Solandra sketch to a texture (image) via render
    • Pass images into shaders
    • Render these images in sketches (so can combine in both directions) via drawImage
    • Uses OffscreenCanvas (which is quite widely supported but not in Safari 16.x)
  • Poisson disc sampling iteration
  • Pseudorandom angle generation
  • transformLoopedPoints for non-determininistic transformations of looped points (basically make first and last point the same)
  • rotateAround helper
  • remove hack in place to work around Safari bugs with rendering text at 'small' (point) sizes
  • cache meta


Solandra was made by James Porter.

Check out the GitHub page or install with npm i solandra