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Shaders (Preview)

Solandra can leverage GLSL fragment shaders, though this is not intended to be for realtime rendering (for that you should think about more efficient approaches). This offers an efficient per-pixel way of drawing, in contrast to the standard vector and curve based approach of most of Solandra. This can be combined interesting ways by drawing rendered shader layers onto canvases. You can use blend modes for control. We can also use rendered Solandra canvas or shader layers within shaders themselves.

This is a preview feature, but if you have a look a the source code for this page it will show the fundamentals.

Here are a few simple examples. We create a couple of images and render to canvas. In the third example we use a custom compositing (blend) mode.

Stacking and Combining

Solandra was made by James Porter.

Check out the GitHub page or install with npm i solandra