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Getting Started

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Solandra Codesandbox (uses React, though other frameworks would be very similar): Solandra CodeSandbox v0.18.

To start coding: clone this project to try out as add React/NextJS powered GUI around stuff.

On NPM. Install with npm i solandra or yarn add solandra.

There is a React wrapper for those using the most popular front end framework, install from NPM with npm i solandra-react solandra react react-dom.


Recommended over 100 examples with source code to learn from (click on the Source Code button).

Other Tutorials

Sol LeWitt Solandra Tutorial

Or an unconventional tutorial introduction based on instructions from Sol LeWitt.

Icon design

This tutorial shows how you might use Solandra as a way to do Generative design for App Icons

Wallpaper Solandra Tutorial

Alternatively, why not create iOS 13+ style wallpapers with Solandra

Watercolours with Solandra

Create watercolour style graphics with Solandra.


On 28th October 2019, I gave a workshop/talk on Solandra which Tariq Rashid wrote up as a introductory tutorial

On 6th November 2019 I gave a talk about TypeScript and Solandra (at the London TypeScript Meetup).

On 15th November 2019 I covered why I created Solandra and the ideas/principles behind it at London Creative Code.

Solandra was made by James Porter.

Check out the GitHub page or install with npm i solandra